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Standlee Orchard Grass Compressed Bale

Standlee Orchard Grass Compressed Bale

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Product Details:

Orchard grass hay is a very popular hay forage on both coasts of the United States, where it is typically grown. This hay forage offers a variety of changes in the analysis profiles, between first cutting and second cutting. In some areas, a third cutting is becoming popular. Because of the variances between cuttings, this forage puts pressure into certain market arenas. An example of this would be second cutting orchard grass has few seed heads; low protein levels and is attractive to the alpaca and llama farms. The first cutting has plenty of seed heads, driving the protein and sugar levels down, with percentages that mirror timothy grass forage. Without the seed heads, the protein level and sugar level rise in second and third cuttings. Orchard grass hay can be considered maintenance type energy level hay forage for most animals.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Protein - Not Less Than 8%
  • Crude Fat - Not Less Than 1.8%
  • Crude Fiber - Not More Than 35%
  • Moisture - Not More Than 12%
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