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Standlee Timothy Pellets – 40 Lb

Standlee Timothy Pellets – 40 Lb

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Product Details:
Are you looking for highly palatable, fiber-rich, and low-to-moderate protein horse feed? Then Standlee Certified Timothy Pellets are the feed you need for your beloved equine friend.

These 1/4"" pellets have the following features:

  • Certified noxious weed free
  • Highly palatable, rich with fibers, and a good source of low-to-moderate protein
  • Recommended for growing and mature horses, horses with HYPP, early pregnancy mares, performance horses, and breeding stallions

It is important to ensure your horse's feed is weed-free. When you use Standlee Certified Timothy Pellets, then you can rest assured that every meal is certified noxious weed free.

Not only are Standlee Certified Timothy Pellets weed-free, but also a great source of vital nutrients. These pellets are full of fibers that will aid digestion with low-to-moderate level of protein aiding energy levels. Additionally, the pellets are highly palatable so your horses are less likely to sort or reject them.

These pellets are recommended for a wide range of horses. Horses growing at a slow to moderate rate, mature or overweight horses, horses with HYPP, pregnant horses, performance horses, and breeding stallions will all benefit from the fiber and protein levels included in this feed. If your horse falls under one of these, you can feed him or her the Standlee Certified Timothy Pellets to ensure healthy growth and steady energy levels.
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